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As technology partners, ASM and Avionica are focused on working together to bring first-class connectivity solutions to the aviation marketplace.

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satLINK MAX™ Airborne Satellite Communication System

ASM is excited to announce the certification of a new FAA STC for installation of the Avionica satLINK MAX™ Iridium SATCOM system with avRDC MAX™ Remote Data Concentrator/Quick Access Recorder for the Airbus A320 series of aircraft.

Image of satLINK MAX hardware.

Developed for the world’s first operator of the A321P2F series aircraft, this modification provides AOC voice/data communications with cellular gate link and future flight deck wireless connectivity for real-time transmission of flight operations and maintenance quality assurance data.

Expansion of the approved design to interface with Avionica’s avWiFi onboard network server will be certified in Summer 2021 through ASM’s recently-appointed FAA ODA (ODA-834704-SW) with planned integration to support upgrade of existing FANS architectures in the near-term.

ASM provides this solution with comprehensive, FAA PMA-approved installation provisions kits and optional supply of the required LRU equipment with full OEM warranty and support from Avionica.

FAA STC Number: ST11382DS
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Need more info about satLINK MAX™, Iridium SATCOM, or help with implementation of either? Call ASM, because we know more about Iridium SATCOM than anyone, and we're here to help.

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